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Here at Art Authority®, we connect art lovers, art museums and art creators. Our fine art archival reproductions bring museum-quality works to art lovers around the world while giving back to those museums and creators at the same time. Whether through  and other retail sites, or our award-winning app line, we provide a wide range of products and services to art consumers, institutions and professionals alike. How can we help the artist in you?

Top quality fine art prints handmade in the USA

Working directly with museums and cultural institutions worldwide on curator-approved print-on-demand archival reproductions, and more.


Our Mission

To partner with internationally renowned art authorities, museums and artists to make the world’s art accessible to all through innovative software solutions and museum-quality reproductions.

Our Sites

There are more than 35,000 museums in the United States alone. Where do you start? Start with us. Visit: 1000Museums

We’re creating smart tools to help you get personalized recommendations on museums and exhibitions, determine the best times to go, find the best free places to visit and the best memberships for your money. 

From the iconic institutions to the niche special collection, museums give us a window to our cultural history and insight and inspiration for today. And we want you to visit museums and experience all of the amazing things they can offer. We help people find museums and experience the best in cultural heritage.  

"Focus on" Sites

1000Museum's "Focus on" sites highlight the works and collections of artists and museums that make it possible for you to own archival reproductions, benefiting the organizations and estates that make those works available and the art community as a whole.


One of the preeminent artists of his generation, Mark Rothko is closely identified with the New York School, a circle of painters that emerged during the 1940s as a new collective voice in American art. During a career that spanned five decades, he created a new and impassioned form of abstract painting ... visit the site


Henri Matisse is commonly regarded, along with Pablo Picasso, as one of the artists who best helped to define the revolutionary developments in the visual arts throughout the opening decades of the twentieth century, responsible for significant developments in painting and sculpture ... visit the site

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator, who designed more than 1,000 structures, 532 of which were completed.Wright believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture ...  visit the site

Library of Congress

1000Museums has partnered with the Library of Congress to make available archival prints of works from the Library's vast collections. Affordable fine art reproductions are available in a wide selection of sizes and frames. Museum quality prints hand-crafted by our fine art professionals ...  visit the site

The National Gallery

 The National Gallery stands in Trafalgar Square in central London and is visited by 6 million people each year. 1000Museums has partnered with the National Gallery to make available beautiful and affordable reproductions from the Gallery's superb collection, in a wide selection of sizes and frames. ...  visit the site

Latin American Masters

1000Museums has partnered with the Latin American Artist's estates to make available archival prints of their works. Affordable fine art reproductions are available in a wide selection of sizes and frames.The site features works by David Alfaro Siqueiros, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and many more ...  visit the site


1000Museums has partnered with Pablo Picasso's estate to make available archival prints of his works. Affordable fine art reproductions are available in a wide selection of sizes and frames. We are proud to give back by returning a portion of our sales revenue to those who create and care for the works ....  visit the site

Fine Art Gifts

We've gone through the tremendous selection of works on and made the best-of-the-best available here, as top-quality prints in five sizes, or stunning boxed Note Cards. Plus e-Gift Cards if you just can't decide. Proceeds from our sales give back directly to those who create and care for the artwork. ....  visit the site

African American Artists

1000Museums has partnered with key African-American artists and their estates to make available archival prints of their works. Affordable fine art reproductions are available in a wide selection of sizes and frames.We are proud to give back by returning a portion of our sales revenue to those who create and ....  visit the site

Our Team

Stanley Smith

Stanley Smith
Chief Museum Officer 

Stanley Smith was formerly Head of Collection Information and Access at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, where he was in charge of maintenance and dissemination of information about the Getty’s collection including images, multimedia, audio tours, didactic material, mobile applications, digital asset management, and scholarly requests. He also headed the digital photo studio for Seattle’s Experience Music Project, where he was instrumental managing the digitization of EMP’s extensive collection. He was founder and CEO of Argentum, a professional photographic and digital lab in Seattle then joined Mac Holbert to launch The Image Collective.

R. Mac Holbert

R. Mac Holbert
Chief Imagician

Widely regarded as the world’s first digital printmaking studio focused solely on photography, Nash Editions established an international reputation for fine art photographic digital output. Prior to Nash Editions, Mr. Holbert was the Tour Manager for such music groups as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Peter, Paul & Mary and Carole King. He has long been active in the environmental movement helping to produce benefits for the Cousteau Society, Greenpeace, the Algalita Foundation and others. In 2000 Mac was honored by being named a Computerworld Smithsonian Award Laureate for his pioneering work in digital printmaking. Mr. Holbert has lectured extensively and conducted workshops on digital printing.


Alan Oppenheimer
Chief Wizard

Alan graduated from MIT, went to work at Apple, and then started Open Door Networks. Alan helped engineer Apple’s original Macintosh computer, helped steer the city of Ashland’s Fiber Network, and is the creative force behind the award-winning Art Authority line of apps for Apple devices.


Jim Teece
Chief Technology Officer

Jim is a parallel entrepreneur. One of his companies, Project A, writes e-commerce solutions for clients all over the world and will be providing new e-commerce sites supporting on-demand product orders for museums worldwide. He partnered with Alan many years ago to develop the award-winning app line, and is also passionate about community causes, both local and global.

Art Authority Apps

Our Philosophy

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Our commitment to excellence has garnered the attention and approval of esteemed curators around the world. If they are impressed, you will be too.

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All our prints are handcrafted on-demand in Ashland, Oregon.

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To ensure exceptional quality and the longevity of the artwork, we use only 100% acid-free fine art paper with a color permanence rating of 200 years.

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A portion of your purchase goes back to the museums, artists and foundations who create and care for the art we all love..

Our Services

Art Authority brand for fine art reproduction and related museum services. As a partner, you’re eligible for the following products and services:

  • Museum-specific page on retail site, including museum overview, pointer to your web site, exhibition listing, and museum-determined and approved set of artwork images

  • Inclusion in Art Authority app line

  • Retail availability of museum-approved archival prints-on-demand in multiple sizes, with framing options

  • Shipping, customer service and returns

  • Royalties on retail sales, for all works from your collection. Reported and paid quarterly

  • Wholesale archival prints, direct to your gift shop. Works from your collection or any others from

  • Royalties on wholesale sales to other museums and institutions

  • Drop ship and retail discount offers direct to your customers

  • “Rush” services with next-day delivery options

  • Traditional or “art block” framing options

  • Postcards, note cards, stretched canvas

  • Rights research and clearance for works still under copyright

  • Image acquisition and optimization (photography, scanning, color correction, artifact removal)

  • Hard and soft proofing

  • Custom services

We also specialize in technology:

  • Web site design and implementation

  • “White-label” sites (your branding, with our back-end processing)

  • Asset management

  • App implementation

  • Affiliate program (future)

Download a draft partnership agreement here.

Please contact us directly with questions

New Service : Custom Fine Art Printing

Art Authority Fine Art Custom Printmaking with R. Mac Holbert

Art Authority Fine Art Custom Printmaking with R. Mac Holbert. Art Authority co-founder and world renowned digital printmaking pioneer R. Mac Holbert brings his years of knowledge and expertise to this new service. learn more >>

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